Control tower and logistics outsourcing

When there is no time and no knowledge.


4PL (fourth party logistics) concept: Complete integration of all supply chain processes, from start to finish.

There are 3 possibilities of action:

Person at the client, under Axis mentoring: The employee is hired by the client and works on the premises and under the client’s hierarchy. However, he receives guidance and training from Axis to perform his duties effectively.

Person at the client, under Axis responsibility: The hiring of the employee is the responsibility of Axis, but they work at the client’s facilities and are subordinate to the Axis hierarchy.

Person at Axis, exclusive to client: The employee is exclusive to the client, but works within the physical structure and under the hierarchy of Axis. He is responsible for managing the client’s entire logistics process.


Redução de custos operacionais

Aumento da eficiência

Maior escalabilidade e flexibilidade

Acesso à tecnologia e ferramentas de inovação


  • Tranquility and peace foryou to take care of your core business;
  • Daily tracking;
  • Updated informations;
  • Care and affection in your shipments;
  • 24/7 availability;

The best logistics service in Latin America.