When you have time and safety matters.


With its expertise and market knowledge, Axis offers personalized solutions that enable specific routes and reduce national logistics costs. Cabotage is ideal for all types of merchandise, and we are committed to providing efficiency and reliability to our customers in this important segment of maritime transport.


Ideal for all types of merchandise

Lower logistics costs

Highway clearance

Security and flexibility


  • Tranquility and peace for you to take care of your core business;
  • Daily tracking;
  • Updated informations;
  • Care and affection in your shipments;
  • 24/7 availability;
  • Storage at origin/destination with free days*;
  • Repackaging*;
  • Fumigation*;
  • Reweighing*;
  • Photos of the packaged loads*;
  • International insurance*;
  • Customs clearance*;

The best logistics service in Latin America.