About Axis

Axis Shipping World Cargo Brazil

With almost 20 years of history, we have a trajectory marked by doing the impossible for our customers. With our culture and team of specialists, we conquered the market serving large, medium and small companies, with the same respect and dedication. No matter the volume, weight or size of your shipment, we take care of everything to offer the best conditions and the best logistic experience.

Besides the traditional freight forwarding operations (air, sea and road), Axis Shipping provides services of Special Shipments, project cargo, customs clearance, PO Management, Consulting and many other solutions.

We are an independent freight forwarder, which enables us to offer customized, intelligent and complete logistics solutions, according to your needs, anywhere in the world

Close to the market, customers and employees

Axis Shipping World Cargo, was founded in Belo Horizonte in 2003, by the founder and current CEO of Axis Shipping, Nadia Kassab.

With no investor or large company behind it, Axis was built with hard work and dedication. Today, almost 20 years later, Axis is recognised as a service provider that wants to make a difference for its customers.

We believe that agility, real-time information and the ability to solve problems is one of our strengths.

Nádia Kassab brought to the company's DNA, and shares with each employee, partner and customer, the passion for doing the impossible for our customers. With over 30 years of experience in Foreign Trade, being almost 20 years as the leader of Axis, she works and develops together with the whole team, logistics processes that aim for maximum efficiency and agility.

Axis Shipping World Cargo Brazil

People who think

Our imagination, creativity, capacity to innovate and create are in our essence. Therefore, we are people who think (and practice).

We believe that for everything there is a solution, we do not see barriers and therefore we never give up.

We say we have a crystal ball.

Some people find it difficult, but here at Axis we work to guess the customer's needs, and make their life easier.

Knowledge is yours and nobody takes away

So we are constantly learning. We observe on a daily basis
what happens inside and outside Axis.

We are agents of our learning, after all it is forever ours.

We learn by looking at customers, partners, suppliers, people from different backgrounds and of course,
for those on our side. We always learn from each other.

Customer is GOD

He is the reason for our existence, without him none of us would be here.

Here, we love to serve and care for our customers.
We respect everyone with whom we have a relationship.

Our clients are many: internal and external ones, partners, suppliers.

What about profit?

Efficiency for everyone in the logistics chain. One wins, everybody wins.

Therefore, we practice our business vision constantly in search of benefits to feed the virtuous cycle of efficiency and effectiveness.

We always seek to spend the minimum to achieve the best possible results. ( Do more with less).

We aim for profit and charge our customers a fair price, as we know our ability to deliver.

A gente se ama (Ubuntu)

We work in collaboration, we know that when a single link breaks, the chain fails. One depends on the other.

That is why we adopted Ubuntu, which says "I am because you are". The principle of African origin means generosity, solidarity, the sincere desire for happiness and harmony between human beings, it identifies 100% with a phrase that we have always heard here at Axis: we have to love each other.

Love is unconditional and makes things work. There are various forms of love and here, we practice the kind that supports, pulls you up and makes you grow.

Our certificates and partnerships


We have one of the best integrated logistics software in the world. One of the first independent Freight Forwarder in Brazil to acquire CW1.

Axis together with CargoWise centralises all logistics operations in a single database. And we can automate, manage and simplify our customers' operations.

In addition to the numerous benefits, we are also able to integrate our system with those of our clients.

Optimize your operations with Axis.