Axis Shipping Takes on Big Project and Closes Entire Vessel from Middle East to Brazil

Axis  Projects & Special Logistics team flew from Belo Horizonte, Brazil to Jebel Ali in the United Arab Emirates to check over dimensioned cargo originally acquired in India, for its subsequent departure to Brazil.

The unused cargo was facing the time and environmental conditions at an open yard in Jebel Ali Free zone for more than five years. Counting on big partners in Dubai region and also with the remote assistance of Axis Head Office in Brazil, the job that is usually done in around 40 days took only four to be completed.

During those four days, several activities were concluded including the checking and segregating many spare pieces one-by-one; lashing; repacking into IPPC wooden packets; gathering the pieces in accordance with the respective serial numbers, and listing all the items resulting in 194 volumes within pieces and bundles. Also, boxing and palletizing the materials for export from port of Jebel Ali to the port of Rio de Janeiro, then to the client’s facilities to be assembled into 10 off-road mining trucks.


The Project was meticulously done resulting in the successful release by the customs authorities with no obstacles in either the Arabic or Brazilian ports. For this reason, the labels, documentation, fiscal classification, license and permits were planned together with the customs broker and shipper’s forwarder in real time as the cargo was being prepared while a survey company had been hired to inspect and certify the cargo’s condition before it was sent to terminal port.

Project’ highlights:


  • Goods: Ten off-road trucks disassembled and unused
  • Prep time: Four days between the items segregation to the cargo delivery alongside ship.
  • Vessel loading: Forty-eight non-stop hours using the vessel cranes
  • Volume: 4061 CMB total cargo loaded into the vessel
  • Items: 194 volumes among pieces, boxes, pallets and bundles.
  • Transit time: 20 days Jebel Ali to Rio de Janeiro;
  • Partners: various vendor companies involved to provide packaging, lashing, survey, transportation, loading /unloading, weighing, among others.


The 20-day transit time was 15 days shorter than the usual schedule from Middle East to South America and the client was extremely happy with Axis’ work allowing them re-assemble the trucks well ahead of schedule. Axis also received compliments from the shipper and those responsible for technical assembling of equipment due to Axis’ commitment, enthusiasm and improved scheduling.